What strength do I need ?

The following table shows the required strength of glasses depends on the age, assuming there is no refractive error before in the distance.

45 years => +1.00 diopters
50 years => +1.50 diopters
55 years => +2.00 diopters
60 years => +2.50 diopters
65 years => +3.00 diopters

All CliC glasses can also be individually made to your individual eye strength. Simply use the spectaculum service 

"individual eye strength".

What ca i do, if the strenght changed ?

Simply use the service spectaculum "glass replacement with modified strength."

How does the CliC glasses work ?

CliC glasses all models are equipped with the patented neodymium magnet. Put the CliC glasses comfortably around your neck and CliC, the central part together easily. If you do not need glasses, wear them around your neck.

CliC Reader Original or CliC Reader Original XL?

If you are not sure whether you opt for a CliC Reader Original or should decide CliCReader Original XL, then we advise you to choose the wider CliC Reader Original XL.This model is suitable for medium to large heads.