reading glasses service


New lenses after changed prescription

In general, the strength of glasses needed changes with age. 
As a spectaculum customer you have the option of reading glasses to stay up to date. Send your reading glasses just to spectaculum and give us your strength. 
We will return your glasses with new lenses in the desired strenght. The costs for the exchange excl. shipping amount for standard lenses are 40,00 including 20% ​​VAT

Individual glasses strength (CliC individual / seeoo individual)

Reading glasses are by default available only in pre-prepared glasses strengths.

If your actual strength is no standard strength, we can customize your reading glasses in your individual strength.
Please send us an email to and we will send you an offer.
The following data are required for an individual production and should not be missing in your request:

Glasses strength R: Sph / Cyl / Axe / PD

Glasses thickness L: Sph / Cyl / Axe / PD

Sph........ sphere

Cyl .........cylinder (specify only if the eyes are astigmatic)

Axe ........ Axe (specify only if the eyes are astigmatic)

PD ......... pupil distance

Simply remove the data from your spectacle passport or ask your optician.

The extra costs for custom-made lenses are 59,00 .- including 20% ​​VAT